Purchase Order Financing

What is Purchase Order Financing?

PO Supporting module (POF) is utilized to give pre-shipment funding to the clients. The item can be designed to be either Purchaser driven or Provider driven. POF gives a strong passage into production network supporting by catching the client’s business at the beginning phase.

PO has pre-shipment supporting in view of the Buy Request and additionally Favorable to Forma Receipt created upon endorsement by the vender. The module can be incorporated with a client’s ERP framework so PO and shipment data ca be handled flawlessly and consequently.

1. Purchaser submits buy request.

2. Dealer demands pre-shipment finance.


a) Bank endorses supporting solicitation.

b) Bank supports Vender.

4. Vender ships products to Purchaser.

5. Bank charges Vender at development.

After Buy Request Supporting, the Merchant can proceed to Receivable Funding, or the exchange might be finished with direct installment.

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